The benefits of the steam mops are at the top nowadays. There are a lot of varieties of steam mops available in the market. One of the best brands for it is Shark. It is out there at a very reasonable price and it gives the utmost functionality and sweeping efficiency to get the stretch off out of your household cleaning tasks. In this article, we will try to find out how to use the Shark steam mop wisely and effectively.

Shark has a very big range of steam mops. They use no-frills manual steam-on-demand cleansers or more complicated automated systems, feature brand-specific Click-and-Flip, and Dirt-Grip technologies. The mops will come with a two-sided cleaning pad that will ensure make sure that there is direct steam channeling throughout the pad to effectively loosen dirt and oil and cover a big cleaning area. As one side gets dirty, you can just flip it to the other side and use the opposite side of it. It has a steam-blaster tactic that will help you to gain a big benefit from cleaning.

Following are the general ways to know how to use the shark steam mop and you can start using your Shark steam mop:

Before you start the steam wash, wipe or vacuum your floor to get rid of all solid specks of dust and dirt to get a scratch-free moping.

Set-up your steam cleaner and fill the water tank with water. Use clean water which will prevent the pipes from clogging due to hard water. Switch the cleaner on and wait for 30 seconds to heat it.

Pump the adjacent handle to damp the cloth.

Choose the desired mode for the different kinds of dirt. Choose dust mode for light cleanups, mop for regular cleaning, and a scrub mode for headstrong grease.

Keep a back and forth movement to keep up with the cleaning acceleration. Cover the whole area that needs to be cleaned.

After finishing, plug-off the cleaner and let the cloth cool down before storing it.

These were the instructions for the basic floor cleaning. To clean laminated and wooden floor, one needs to follow the below steps:

Move-in as usual back and forth movement as you will do for a normal floor, but do it in small sections.

Opt for maximum heat options and less water to get dry steam that will help to get rid of all kinds of stains.

To reduce the risk of water leakage in between the planks, mop along the plank. 

These steps can be followed to get a clean and lively floor. But there is some instruction that needs to be followed to ensure the longevity of the machine.

Maintenance  instructions:

Do not heat the cleaner when the water tank is empty.

Do not leave the mop idly on the floor as it can deliver excessive heat on the floor and might damage it.

Never store the mop with dirty water in the tank or dirty cloth. 

The best way to store is in a hanging position with the cleaning head removed from it.